Monday, August 24, 2009

I ♥ Faces Nostalgia

This week's theme for I Faces is Nostalgia. This is a picture taken earlier this summer at Willa Vista, my grandparents farm. Although Hope will never meet her great grandfather I can't wait to tell her all my stories of coming to visit. An early morning walk easily brings back memories of riding in my grandfather's truck, seeing the cows grazing on the hill, eating vegetables out of his garden and hearing stories of a simpler time, one room school houses and playing ball in the field.

The building in the background was once a store, can you imagine? The story was that my great grandfather ran this small country store and although it wasn't the closest one to her, my great grandmother would walk to this one where my grandfather would fill her bag with extra candy. Must have worked, here stands their fifth generation, history is an amazing thing!

The doll my little one is holding is my mom's very first Raggedy Ann doll. Special enough that it was her doll as a child even more that she has been a Raggedy Ann Collector all of her adult life. (she could fill a house with everything Raggedy Ann) Knowing this is her most beloved Raggedy Ann, the doll with a permanent smile my mom thinks is irresistible, I'm almost afraid to let my two year carry her around. But being the perfect and loving mother and grandmother that she is, she is only thrilled to see her Raggedy in photographs!

I promise I didn't plan all this nostalgia but here it is!

You can also see in color on my flickr stream.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I made it to Grosgrain!

Really I did gasp to see my picture on Grosgrain,I'm such a fan! Here is the picture, another from my first dress series and now you can see it here too! Oh it's the little things and I think big things that make a mommy's day!

Crazy, Silly, Funny Face!

So, I found this great blog I ♥ Faces and this week's theme is crazy, silly, funny face. I had a hard time deciding on a picture to post because Grant is ALWAYS my crazy silly funny face! Usually five shots in a row of all different crazy, silly, funny faces and definitely when I'm looking for that gorgeous portrait shot. So here is my pick for this week, sure to always make mommy smile!