Monday, May 25, 2009

Smitten with Opal

I'm totally smitten with Opal and Tammy Swanson and Swanson Photographs! I discovered Opal, a petit clothier, from Small Magazine (an online magazine that if you haven't seen click immediately) which is such a treat that it really deserves it's own post! I love love love the photography the beyond gorgeous clothes and even the music that I think I will have to pull up the sites just to listen to! There is so much to see-the Opal website and blog and Swanson Photographs and blog. Start here and here and here and here to gaze and listen heavenly upon the wonder...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Found it

I love the "name game" when I first meet someone, I guess it's that sense of connection I'm looking for. I do it with everything, when I see an actor in a movie I then must try to recall all the other movies I've seen them in and so on. Months ago I saw these gorgeous images of a bakery on flickr and just knew I had seen them before. Too far away that I would actually have been there so I went searching through my magazines (I literally have stacks under my bed) trying to make that connection but no luck. Last night I found it (three months later). There it was Miette Confiserie,in the first issue of my Boho with the page turned down and everything! I love the vintage wallpaper, how the pictures are hanging on the wall, all those jars of candy! Even their website is gorgeous with more peeks into the shop.Well I feel better now...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bird One

Here is bird one on my quest to be Tamar Mogendorff. I really love the raw edges and stitches Tamar created, it was fun to make thinking a litte messy is the look. The fabric for the body of the bird is actually from a shirt I bought at TJMaxx for $7
(the tag is still in it) many moons ago, decided I didn't like it, waited past the 30 days of take back so I chunked it in the fabric pile. Recently, through my interent love I saw that the print is actually by Liberty of London, thank you TJMaxx! Did I take the bird outside, put it in a tree and take a picture? Afraid so, may be losing my mind but having fun in the process!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tamar and birds

OK so there are two Tamars with Birds that I love! The first makes these lovely dream catchers you can find in her etsy shop and on her blog. These dream catchers were even featured in Cookie Magazine's (my favorite parenting magazine) holiday guide for 2008. The second are these bird houses and cages I saw in chasing fireflies and tinypeople. You can see more from Tamar Mogendorff here. I really would love to try my own hand at something like this, I've been into birds ever since decorating Hope's room and I still can't get enough!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Flickr Friday

Because of Flickr I simply must learn to embroider! And the list gets longer...(doesn't yours do that?)

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♥ birdie
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my embroidery
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