Saturday, January 31, 2009


I found this dress by Fiona Scanlan on ebay. I love it but didn't buy it. With lots of reading and acting out of The Three Bears lately I drew up a little Goldie. I am liking my drawings better before I paint them but also love color? Maybe one day I will figure out illustrator.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Show and tell....

In the wee hours when I'm supposed to be sleeping (I still cannot decide if I need sleep or "me time" to recharge sometimes) this is what I found- I love this Jottum dress and all it's devine details but cheep it is not, maybe I will draw some version on my girls or find it on ebay down the road, for now it will stay in it's online shop :)

I also found Jenny Harris, an illustrator and crafter extrodinare! I'm drolling over her craft space (mine is a "craft heap," I would love to show you a picture for a laugh but maybe I will save that for a before and after post one day) and her peg dolls are sooooo cute! Be inspired and check out her beautiful blog here

Just look at her pictures....

I am so jealous, look...

Plate rack o' fun
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little Red

I just love this play tent from Chasing Fireflies but since I'm into drawing and not shopping right now (online window shopping excluded of course) I put these flowers in Little Red Riding Hood's basket. I also made her a friend but I'm not sure about him so I put him on Flickr :)

A Raggedy Ann and my version of Snow White. I'm thinking of taking the red ric rac off the bottom of her dress and painting the heart red. What do you think?

Self Portrait

So, I have been having so much fun drawing lately and I'm finally sharing what I have been working on. I started out drawing vintage dolls and toys and this is what evolved. I feel like I am playing dress up with these girls! I've been looking through vintage books and Valentines on ebay and shopping all my favorite euro online boutiques for ideas. If you can't buy it draw it :)

Can you tell who this is?

Gyo Fujikawa.....A favorite

I have a lot of favorites, in any and every category you can think of! I wonder where I got that from? DAD! So, I want to start sharing some of my favorites. I'm loving the idea of my blog as a place to organize all my thoughts and ideas. Not too good at organizing so we will see how that goes :)

One of my all time favorite children's illustrators is Gyo Fujikawa. I just love how she depicts the essence of childhood and make believe. She was also one of the first to illustrate very young children from many races playing and interacting together. This was before multicultural picture books were politically correct.

I love this quote of hers I found-"In illustrating for children, what I relish most is trying to satisfy the constant question in the back of my mind--will this picture capture a child's imagination? What can I do to enhance it further? Does it help to tell a story? I am far from being successful (whatever that means), but I am ever so grateful to small readers who find 'something' in any book of mine."

Here are some pictures from my own little collection. You can find lots of her vintage books on ebay and many are in still in print. I am so inspired.....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Treasure Hunt

I got way excited about this "challenge" (see last post) and started collecting right away. Collecting is always my favorite part of any project! Then, this morning as soon as I put Hope down for a nap I told Grant about the Ibarguen's upcoming trip and we played I spy with the picture "my friend Jesscia" sent. Grant thought this was fun but was less enthused to go collecting/treasure hunting with me. Oh well, the hunt was on and this is what I came up. Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

Some of you may get a kick out of the GPI pen :) I couldn't resist!

The watch was a High School graduation present from Dad, I had to have it and I still love it!

The orangish/lime green heart shaped rattle was mine when I was little (Mom you are so good to keep up with these things)

The vintage paint book I found at an antique shop, I love the illustrations and I want to dress Hope just like the little girls in the pictures (Crazy about knee socks and mary janes right now)

I had to include Spiderman-he lives in our house right now, constantly webbing people and saving us :) Watch out here comes Spider man!

Can you see the tiny Fisher Price popper? It's only the cutest little thing I have ever seen (courtesy of Mama Joe) and belongs to a "baba" (fisher price little people are "babas" in our world)

A green crayon for Grant, he loves green! So does his auntie E (emalya) but the save the earth kind.

Oh the Tiffany's satchel, what more can I say!

I did include one item from the actual junk drawer- undeveloped film (I think from my Asheville days before digital) I have GOT to develop that!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too cool

My great friend "Spicer" or "my friend Jessica" just sent me this email. Her big trip is moving from Oregon to Kentuky (I'm so excited) with Derek her husband and their two adorable boys (age one and three.) I'm going to cut and paste her email and picture for you too see for yourself. This is just too cool of an idea, too cute of a mom and son moment (so Spicer), and too creative of a picture (she is an interior designer.) If only I could make my junk drawer look like this, I can barely open and close it for all the junk! I totally want to send a picture and I can't wait to see all the others! (I'm off to collect things for my "junk drawer")

Hi There!!
I've been racking my brain for ideas for entertaining our boys on our trip across the country (we leave Jan 23). When I was cleaning out a junk draw I had an epiphany!! Reed and I arranged a bunch of the stuff on a tray and then took a picture. I printed it out full letter size and trimmed it just a teeny bit so it would fit in a freezer sized Ziplock and now we have a fun I Spy game to play in the car!! So, I was thinking I could send it all of you and you could use it to keep your kids entertained for a minute and maybe you could do one for us too (it will be a long drive). it will be fun to see the different things in each person't "collection"!
ps. Can you find me in the picture?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A beautiful moment

I'm trying to clean up the lunch dishes (at 3pm) and after rumaging in the pantry (which is usually locked because my two monkeys love the pantry and all the shelves to climb) Hope brings me a bag of hot dog buns and an "I want one whine".

I give in and she looks so funny I have to grab my camera. She has on this huge winter coat that she has already refused to take off,the girl loves coats, and she is eating a whole hot dog bun! I lure her over to the window for more light which means walking to the window because this one is my little shadow (I love it) The curtain/napkin becomes a game of hide and seek and these are the pictures I got. She totally ate the whole bun except for the massive amount of crumbs on the floor :) It was only a moment, only her, only her smile!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Raggedys and another yoyo

Today I'm thinking I really wish I had some vintage Raggedy Ann books to take their picture with. Especially after talking to my mom and sister about how Raggedy Ann gets her candy I love you heart - I want to read them too! Maybe to come...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Raggedy Ann

I'm starting to fall for Raggedy Ann! My Mom(a real life Raggedy collector) would be so proud! She once told me that it was just hard to resist Raggedy Ann's smiley happy face , I'm starting to agree. She's timeless- a Jackie O of her toy universe but in a cute, trendy(look at those striped leggings) kind of way. I spent too much time searching ebay for Miss Raggedy Ann but am amazed at how she has been reinvented through the times and recreated by so many artists! My specific obsession are these vintage Raggedy Ann Christmas ornaments-I want more (Oh the collector side of me coming through) So I'm totally inspired first to draw, play dress up with Hope and Grant and then the photographs. "I have lots of time and I finish my ideas." That's the mantra I tell myself anyway :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I painted something

One of my many new years resolutions/life changes-Do something creative everyday! Last night I painted this. The turtle was mine when I was little. I used pen and watercolor.