Monday, August 24, 2009

I ♥ Faces Nostalgia

This week's theme for I Faces is Nostalgia. This is a picture taken earlier this summer at Willa Vista, my grandparents farm. Although Hope will never meet her great grandfather I can't wait to tell her all my stories of coming to visit. An early morning walk easily brings back memories of riding in my grandfather's truck, seeing the cows grazing on the hill, eating vegetables out of his garden and hearing stories of a simpler time, one room school houses and playing ball in the field.

The building in the background was once a store, can you imagine? The story was that my great grandfather ran this small country store and although it wasn't the closest one to her, my great grandmother would walk to this one where my grandfather would fill her bag with extra candy. Must have worked, here stands their fifth generation, history is an amazing thing!

The doll my little one is holding is my mom's very first Raggedy Ann doll. Special enough that it was her doll as a child even more that she has been a Raggedy Ann Collector all of her adult life. (she could fill a house with everything Raggedy Ann) Knowing this is her most beloved Raggedy Ann, the doll with a permanent smile my mom thinks is irresistible, I'm almost afraid to let my two year carry her around. But being the perfect and loving mother and grandmother that she is, she is only thrilled to see her Raggedy in photographs!

I promise I didn't plan all this nostalgia but here it is!

You can also see in color on my flickr stream.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I made it to Grosgrain!

Really I did gasp to see my picture on Grosgrain,I'm such a fan! Here is the picture, another from my first dress series and now you can see it here too! Oh it's the little things and I think big things that make a mommy's day!

Crazy, Silly, Funny Face!

So, I found this great blog I ♥ Faces and this week's theme is crazy, silly, funny face. I had a hard time deciding on a picture to post because Grant is ALWAYS my crazy silly funny face! Usually five shots in a row of all different crazy, silly, funny faces and definitely when I'm looking for that gorgeous portrait shot. So here is my pick for this week, sure to always make mommy smile!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A first time for everything...

My very first completed dress. Learning to sew- I skipped steps and made up steps but finished it none the least! My inspiration- I saw this dress by Decaf Plush for $54 at one of my favorite online boutiques- Little Skye. I recognized the Alexander Henry strawberry fabric and thought maybe I could make one.

I used the Tea Party Dress Pattern from Oliver+S (every pattern comes with this most beautiful paper doll, how cute is that

And here is my version-

A girls morning out with my mom and Hope to Flat Rock in NC and I found the perfect red truck and of course my model did not want to get near it so I bribed her with a fizzy Izze:)

I'm also trying to figure out Photoshop and here is another first attempt- processing a picture.

I used CoffeeShop Perfect Portrait and ta da...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Homemade by Mommy

This is really my second completed homemade dress but I don't have pictures of the first up and ready yet so I'm a little backwards on my posting! My mom had this great vintage pattern. It's a size three and a little too big but I'm imagining long sleeves and jeans underneath...

I give Ema-lya the credit for picking out the fabric combo-Amy Butler's Fresh Poppies in Fushia and Joel Dewberry's Sparrows in Dark Green. The little red buttons (there are two in back) are from a vintage lot I won on ebay, I pretty much want to put a little red something on everything!

The problem with learning to sew is that now my head is full of ideas and my wish list of fabric and patterns is long. (The gathering process of any project is always the most fun part) Now for finding more hours in the day:)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hope's First Birthday (yes last year)

I know Hope will be two soon but I'm still trying to get all my crafty thoughts and ideas in one place. Plus it seems like yesterday anyway...
The theme-flowers, butterflies and bright cotton candy colors.

The invitation...

I fell in love with this stationary from Tiny Prints, is it possible to be in love with paper? The Heather Bailey fabric underneath I used as a tablecloth for the drink table and still have ideas for making it into some sort of lovely for Hopers to wear one day...

The ensemble...

MeMe gets credit for finding this super tutu complete with flower petals and a matching hair clip. Auntie Emalya transformed this plain pink leotard by sewing on matching ribbons for shoulder ties and Nana handmade the "I have to have that" birthday fairy wand I saw in Chasing Fireflies here.

The decorations...

I loved this flower balloon idea from Martha Stewart here. They were easy to make and I found the colors I needed at our local grocery, Grant had to get in on the fun too :)

Everything in beautiful with Heather Bailey paper but I loved these butterfly straw decorations from Martha here. My lovely model...

The cake..

I give all credit for the cake and cupcakes to Couture Cupcakes, just as yummy as they were lovely! Click here for my original inspiration.

The presents...

Hope was totally spoiled on her first birthday of course, this huge cupcake was handmade (yes she made it) by Nana and there was even a handmade gift inside. It really deserves it's own post...

Hope meets Bitty Baby!

The Goodies...

I found these mini tin watering can at Hobby Lobby, filled them with candy and stickers and then stuck maracas and lollipops through paper cut outs for the "flowers." I think Emily and I listened to a little Bob Marley and put these together while the kids were napping, oh when can you come back for craft time Auntie E?

I bought this pack of the flower horn blowers on sale at Swoozies, then later kicked myself for not buying more and had to scour the internet for at least one more pack :)

The mess that is the first birthday...

Oh me has another year really almost gone by? Say it isn't so, my baby girl not a baby anymore? How I do love each and every stage, a new word every day when Grant sounds like "quack" and cereal sounds like "see-O", becoming your own little independent person, refusing to wear any shoes except the red ones, having to do every thing Grant does like sitting in the dug out at his Wee Ball games and climbing up to the top bunk, and oh the kisses and hugs that are Hopers!

Hopscotch Camis GIVEAWAY!!!!

One of my favorite blogs to gander is Grosgrain! I love looking at the photography almost as much as Kathleen Dougherty's fabulous creations. If you are familiar with the blog then you know that if you create a link then you have a chance to actually win a fabulous creation, so here's my link... Hoping and wishing and keeping my fingers crossed! Wouldn't one of these tops look adorable on little Hopers?

Hopscotch Camis GIVEAWAY!!!!